Bon soir! Warning–grossness ahead.

So, we’ve been having a gnat problem recently. (Much like —> here. ) I’ve put out bowls of apple cider vinegar and dish washing liquid to get rid if them, but they weren’t seeming to go away. Well, today, I found out why.

I went to get a potato, and found a  soggy, black mess with little fruit fly maggots. Ugh. I was absolutely not pleased. Luckily, I did not think to take a picture. Had to thrown the whole bread box my potatoes were in away. :( It’s was my husband’s granny’s so I am very upset. I feel like there are little yuckies everywhere.

Hopefully at least our fruit fly problem will clear up.


Today was a long day. Not too bad, though. Just an unmotivated one at work, where I just waited until it was time to come home. And since I kind of hate my job (boo), more and more days of late have been feeling that way. I’ve been trying to get out of my funk, but it definitely has not been easy. I’m just trying to make sure I get in good food again and some activity. I always find that both things perk me up. So now, I’m here with a belly full of mushrooms and squash watching “No Reservations.” Trying to dose up the energy to do one of my favorite workouts:


 And, since this is a horrible picture of my messy messy house, I’ll tell you want that is. That is my Dance Dance Revolution pad. I have a gym membership, I like to go for walks and (hopefully soon) bike rides (nope, I don’t own a bike :(), and I love yoga, but my default workout is on that pad. We own pretty much every single DDR game that has come out since the 90s. And the best part is you can range it for what you need and have some amazing songs to do it with. :) I’ll also grab so weight and generally rock out with my arms too, to make it full body. I’ve constructed several workouts around these games.

So, I’m off to do just that!

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About Jenna

Just graduated from college, I want to explore topics of interest...food, culture, language, art, and learning.

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  1. Your default workout sounds like fun!

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