Good times.

Hello lovelies!

Had a beautiful day today, although it’s done nothing by rain outside. Actually slept through the night, which is always nice. After a day at work (which I ate through and forgot pics, per usual), I came home to make some dinner. On my meal plan was originally tilapia and rice. I still made that for my hubby, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So after thinking about how much I wanted to go out the whole ride home from work, in order to avoid that I decided to use up some of my leftovers…and make a mexi-bowl!

It looks disgusting, but I assure you, it was delicious! Some beans, sautéed peppers and onions, tomatoes, rice, cheese, and sour cream all added up. I promise, mexican food is the schizzle. :)
I even have some left for lunch tomorrow, which is good since my hubby is getting lunch at work–pizza. I’m actually not a huge fan of delivery pizza.

After everything was cleaned up and put away, I put on a pot for chicken and noodles (when done, I may have a recipe for you :D) and got that going. Then my hubs decided that he wanted to go for ice cream. So we went to a local Ohio chain– Graeters. They have some pretty tasty stuff,a nd they have a seasonal flavor out right now called turtle. It’s made with caramel ice cream and has pecans and chocolate chips in it…mmm.

And that lump on top? Whipped cream. The real stuff, that they have to get out with a scoop. Yes.

They also sell candy, and they had their Halloween stuff out already. I think I may be in love with this guy:

I like how they’re all sharing one hat. How friendly. :)

Welp, I’m off to relax, hope everyone has a good evening!!

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Just graduated from college, I want to explore topics of, culture, language, art, and learning.

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  1. That ice cream looks delish! And it’s always the most unattractive meals that taste the best, I think. At least that’s my experience :)

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