Keep on learning (and eating)

Well, good evening! I’m quite tired, so if I start spouting out gibberish, please do ignore me. :)

Well, I think it’s a good idea to try to keep learning new things and having new experiences for as long as you can. I think it keeps you young! So, in that spirit, today I started taking Japanese at a local college. While the majority of the student were considerably younger than me, this college isn’t exactly a traditional school, so there we still quite a few people more along my point in life. :) We had a very sweet, native speaking  Japanese lady as our teacher, and pretty much spent the time learning our names in Japanese. She did do one of pet peeves–reading the syllabus that I’d already read. I hate that. :(

But it’s okay, I’m pretty sure I can get over it. We went straight from work to the class, which lasted until 5:50pm. From there we split to a local mexican restaurant called Los Guachos, to meet with two of my friends P & M. (I haven’t asked their permission to use their names on the blog yet. :))

I got some gringas, with their al pastor, which is what they’re known for, they serve it with a little pineapple…it’s delicious.


I forgot to take a picture of my own plate, but that was it. Yumm. I did remember to take this one:  Obviously, I loved it. Those two massive bowls there are filled with limes and pickled peppers and onions. Anyone in the area, fair warning, they are HOT. But, I’m down. I eat them with a fork. :D

While I would love to show you my two lovely friends, but they refused since they looked “crappy.” Pah. Two lovely ladies– I gotta tell you, ridiculous.  It’s okay, sometime they’ll think about how AWESOME they are. :) And I got to plan to get together with them for my B-DAY, which is coming up on the 27th. Yay!

But for right now, kids, I had a very full day, and for some reason, I feel like I’ve been awake for 3 days. Must be all the excitement, lol. Be back tomorrow!

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About Jenna

Just graduated from college, I want to explore topics of, culture, language, art, and learning.

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  1. mmm I love Mexican food!! that looks delicious! yay for fab food with fab friends!!! :)

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